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A night at Putrajaya

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:40 PM
NO PEOPLE! i didn't go there to dating2. I was there for the putrajaya night marathon.As promised, I'll update all you readers out there regarding this event. Few minutes back, i googled "Putrajaya Night Marathon". And there you go, ramai kot bloggers yang bercerita pasal marathon ni. Rajin betul bloggers diluar sana memeriahkan event yang sihat ni. Kudos to all bloggers who participated yesterday *applause*.

Myself, along with my bro and dear friend of mine took the 7.7km challenge. Ada 4 category sebenarnya. The 5km, 7.7km, 21km and 42km. Since dah penah try out 5km during the DUKE marathon, i decided to challenge myself in the 7.7KM category. I was so nervous before the run that i felt that my knees was tearing apart.Haha. Seriously, NERVOUS!. Therefore, to not feel that way, i had my Sony MP3 pumping with adrenaline rush songs to make me relaxed. So yeah! Ran 7.7km without stopping although i (and other runners) had to endure three "bukits".OMG! sangat penat please but i had my mind set to finish the run and not trying a bit to stop and walk. I even tried not to be disturbed by others trying to "potong" me but just to enjoy my night run accompanied by the tunes playing by my mp3.

ALAS!. Habis jugak the run. With have been training for the past 1 1/2 months and even though tak menang the cash prizes, I managed to finish my run in 50 minutes and got 195th place and entitle myself with a cert and a finishers medal. But the most important is that i completed the race. I was happy with myself.

Sampai rumah terus terbaring kepenatan. Haha. The tiredness ruled over the hunger. Maka tido la terus. Niat nak makan menjadi mimpi dalam tido jer la. Once again, Big CONGRATS to all participants and winners of the marathon. :)

(certificate of participation and 7.7km finishers medal)

P/s: Pencinta kasut suka berlari. Nasib baik tak berlari guna high heels *giggles*


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