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For the love of shoes

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:49 AM
Shoes shoes shoes! I really love shoes. When i go online, the first thing that i do, Eh, no no, the second thing that i would do after checking my email and Fb, is checking out new shoes on various blogshops. And if i go to my fav mall, is the shoe shops that i'll be checking out first. I would be happy if i have the KA-CHINGS! to spend on shoes but i would be very FRUSTRATED if the funds are not "Happy". Haha. I get even MORE FRUSTRATED if, i have INSUFFICIENT FUNDS and the shoes i aimed/saw/happen to see was like ON SALE! or DAMN CUN that i really have to get them at that moment. Sighhh....See what shoes can do to me?.


I have so many shoes in mind that i want. Will blog on that one soon. Need to get back to my thesis now. arghhhh...*now calm down fira. think positively. completed thesis=good job=LOTSA SHOES*.Insya-Allah.AMIN :)

P/S: Pencinta kasut is aiming for something new


Obefiend on February 9, 2010 at 8:41 AM said...

Take it easy..

fira tirona said...

Obefiend: dont worry.i will :)

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