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How to get paid by nuffnang?

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:32 AM
It's a question by myself. Not a blog on the steps to be paid by nuffnang. Honestly, I'm stil a bit blur about the payment thingy. I made a blunder by not placing up the code at the proper place (basically i was so noob that i didn't know where to put the codings into my blog.BOO!).Haha. Anyhow, my dear uni mate, budlee showed me the way to letak my coding properly. I was so determined to fixed up my problem that i actually went up to his lab at the faculty and going like "Baz! kenapa i tak boleh letak nuffnang ads coding kat my blog ni?". Nasib baik la ada budlee, kalau tak, entah mana-mana la i will letak the codings. So, yeah, codings placed nicely and terpapar la the ads kat my blog. Not only that, nuffnang changed my status to a Gliteratti member. How nice! *smiles*

Being happy, about that. I was still unsure about how will i get paid by nuffnang. I went on reading other blogs and i stumbled upon this blog site entitled "BoIsAnerd". And paling best at his blogpage ada gambar betty suarez from the series "ugly betty". Sebenarnya, gambar blogger ni diibaratkan dalam office,he's sitting down smiling at his workstation. pastu ada gambar america ferrera hanging on the wall at his workplace. OK, now try imagine. If it's too hard to do so, just click "Nerd boy" at my daily reads column to understand what i mean..

Ooooooookaaaaaaaaaaayyyy, back to the main point. I dropped a comment asking him on the matter at his page after reading his post about being paid by nuffnang. There was so many comments by other bloggers congratulating him on his pay and ada juga ada bloggers yang share their excitement on getting paid as well by nuffnang. So nice!. I wanna get paid too :)

Question is..........How and When will be eligible enough to get paid?.

Say cheese! Hahah. I'm a specky like Betty Suarez too.
(Ish, ish, lari topic plak)

p/s: pencinta kasut hopes to get paid. so she can buy more shoes. No la, so can buy school books :P


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