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Hari yang sangat penuh dengan aktiviti

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:34 PM
Pagi tadi start buat kerja-kerja akademik extra awal. Was infront of the laptop at 8am. Sambung apa-apa yang patut sebab lepas tu kena bawak my cousin pergi KBU untuk check out on diploma courses there. Left the house around 11-ish. Headed to one-utama first sebab sangat lapar. So the both of us decided to have lunch at Garden sebab kat sana from 11am-3pm ada set lunch yang best.

Garden. One Utama

Nish's lunch. Chicken+cheese+pineapple sandwich

My lunch. Grilled butter ginger dory fish

After lunch we headed to KBU to get the course outline for my cousin. Then drove to Shah Alam to shop at Oldblossombox Store. My cousin got a long oxford cardie! Sangat lawa. I love it too! I got a a Unicorn brooch. So comel please.

Nish with her puchase. Cardie dalam paperbag.Hehe

My purchase: Dalam paperbag gak.hehehe

The stylish young lady beside us is Jezmine, the owner of the store. Thanks mine layan kitorang tadi :)

Ok, once done with our less than 1 hour shopping. We headed to Bangsar for casting along with my fairygodsister with her kids. Lepas tu pegi Kiara Park pegi jogging. (sebab ada bet dengan my bro tengok sape yang dapat shed kilos yang banyak in 1 month). Caiyok!.

What a busy Tuesday!.


Pwincess Farina on March 19, 2010 at 11:14 AM said...

babe...i love your yellow scarf...beli di manakah? i want one too...maybe in blue..heee

fira tirona on March 19, 2010 at 11:31 AM said...

hehehe.i have it in blue too? comel kan? beli lat oldblossombox store kat s.alm.nnti kalau kau cuti i'll bring u there to shop2 k? :)

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