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Up and downs of a Monday

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:28 AM
I was at Uni today. No feeling of Monday blues or watsoever. Went to the postgrad office to get things sorted out and thinking of that running shoe that i've been eyeing for. I was kinda semangat to go hunt for it today after my uni stuffs were settled. But the happy vibes didnt last long. While i was bz getting my forms ready came a text msg from my mom that went like this..

*Adik got his Visa already.Going out now to collect it*

Well, it was all expected already but i just felt my heart dropped at that moment. He's leaving for UK as planned which is on Wednesday night. My parents are tagging along as well. I can't focus my mind right now. Im feeling totally in pieces. My raya wouldn't be fun without them here with me. We planned to go green on our hari raya oufits this year. Looks like its not important for me anymore. The spirit of raya is much dampened already.

Summit Subang-KL

These were the places i was at to hunt for my running shoe i've been eyeing for. But u knw what happens when u r to eager to look for something u like. By end of the day you wil come home dissappointed. And yes i felt dissappointed alright. But i was cheered up by someone and i was told that i could get something better then what i was looking for. Got the link about it and yup, i felt better straight away! So gonna get my running shoes custom made! Woohoo!.

But.. i couldn't get the colors right yet for it. Gotto re-design it before making the order next week

Oh oh,



kaki LARI on August 31, 2010 at 5:42 AM said...

waah..kasut baru!! BESt2.. ;)

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