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Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:16 AM

Sigh, what is wrong with the internet connection lately. It’s so slow. Macam Siput. I bet that siput also can move faster. Tsk. Anyway, below are the few things that are on my mind now so here goes..

1. At this point of time last week, I was running with 25 avid runners. How i wished that I’m THERE with them having fun running. But since i got BANNED from doing so due to some incident last week, here i am now blogging while grumbling to myself on the punishment i have to face.

2. I’m counting days. My brother is leaving for UK to further his studies for 2 years. Mom and dad will be there with him for 2 months to help him settle down. I’m gonna my miss adik. Well, yea, he can get onto my nerves sometimes but i guess i’m gonna miss him so bad *teary mode*. I bet that i’m SO gonna cry at the airport next week when i send him off. Aku ni Nampak je garang but very emotional inside. Like the malay saying that goes “luar je Nampak ganas, tapi dalam hati ad ataman” *rempit style yaw* HAahah.

3. Committed to something serious. Will have to devout myself for 3 months for this. Insya-Allah all goes well. AMIN

4. Treated my brother today for buka puasa. Iriz, A-a and my dear Zaihan joined us too. Had a great buka puasa and dessert session with them. Conversation started off with me being “missing” last week, cracking up stupid jokes to Lady Gaga and the Iluminati society and finally ended up with intellectual discussion . Pure quality time with the people whom i know care about me. Alhamdulillah

5. Sometimes we tend to forget that there are unfortunate people out there. We tend to complain, grumble and being greedy without realising it and that does not exclude me from doing so. Have we actually sat and thought of the ones who are not being able to taste the luxury we have in life? Have you ever shared the luxury you have with the needy ones? I mean like contributing something good to the society? It does not matter whether it is of monetary based but also other aspects. Felt proud of my juniors in MSU for their effort of organizing buka puasa events with the orphans and even distributing food to those living on the streets for sahur. Such a noble thing to do. Keep those efforts going. I think i should do something for the society as well.

6. Only 6km of running this week. Will have to try to run another 6kms more.

7. I’m still vague on my future career life. My heart says to be academician. I’m not sure. Or am I being unconfident about it? I really have to think hard on this one.

8. Had a meeting with my Supervisor last Wednesday. Were discussing on my thesis, my future career plans. He was asking me whether if i was willing to work outside kl. and i said " sure y not?" then he asked me..."when do u plan to get married?" *long pause*.....hahaha

Read something on FB awhile ago. Hm, don't know what to feel now.


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