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Retail Therapy and Luahan Hati Session

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:10 PM
I was out today. Was supposed to see my Supervisor yang berjaya but his PA YM-ed me and said that my appointment with him was cancelled as he was not feeling very well. My supervisor yang berjaya is the Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty. So just imagine yourself having a supervisor like him. You automatically want to be just as successful like him. Tapi sayang la, he's single. Hmm..

Anyway, back to the title of the post. Since the appointment cancelled. I decided to call the person in charge in BLUINC to collect my prize. Oh, i won a 4d/3n stay at a resort in Phuket. It was a contest i got myself into by completing a not more than 30 words slogan. I really thought that the slogan was too cheezy that i would make the reader puke!. Hahah. But i guess it was all worth the effort. Or maybe my postcard was really pretty that the judges had to make me the 3rd prize winner. Hahaha. Nonetheless, THANKS SHAPE MAGAZINE, WOTIF.COM and BLUINC!

Headed to Shah Alam. Made a plan with a dear friend, E.J (bukan nama sebenar). Beliau sgt baik hati untuk temankan me pegi window shopping. Time tu jugak la, sesi luahan hati bermula. I was telling E.J what i felt inside me, what was bothering me and more. I don't know why E.J was chosen to hear all of my ramblings. Guess that we RARELY see each other and i asssume that telling it to a "stranger" was best for me kot?. E.J, if u are reading this, kau bukan la stranger yang macam duduk kat bus stop tu. but the "stranger" word i associate with you comes in a different meaning tau, macam silent reader blog aku la kan. Hahah. Mungin sebab kita punyai niat and hajat hati yang sama. Tapi aku dan kau punyai dua situasi yang berlainan. Lepas raya ni kau kena pegi running dengan aku ok. Outdoor running will rock your socks i tell u!

Bought a new dress today. Tot of changing my style plak. Asik pakai jeans and pants je. My mom sure happy. Hiks. Next thing to hunt is a nice white cardigan. Hmm,maybe a pair of new running shoes too. That one i have to consult/go hunt with the expert..If the $$ permits. then sure...Why not? ;)

To E.J. Thanks :)


kaki LARI on August 24, 2010 at 12:05 AM said...

u see?
kadang2 setiap kesusahan, akan dtg pulak waktu senang...

waah..sgt beST dpt pegi holiday!!

fira tirona said...

KL:guess i was lucky?. plan to go once my thesis done :)

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