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Ramadhan and Running

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:58 PM
" Bulan puasa pun u pegi running jugak ke fira"

A normal question asked by my family and friends. And my answer is " Yes, tapi tak la hardcore running".Anyway, since the fasting month started, i've targeted to run 1okm per week which is to only run like 3km, 3 times per week but i guess so far i've run more than that which is to me a good thing to challenge myself. My runs are normally done after iftar normally around 930pm for 1/2 hour. But since it sometimes rain on certain nights, therefore i'll run more to cover the KMs.

Anyway, last Friday's night run was one of THE best ever. 25 avid runner including myself ran for 20km. Hhaha. Tak penah la i go for training sampai 20km, paling jauh pun 10km je. It was pure fun sebab lari beramai2. But then again the weather that night was kinda warm and i got thirsty most of the time. Nasib baik la this people stop by at 7-Es along the way to beli air.Oh ya, this fun run started at 11pm and finished at 2.30pm.LOL. Everyone was so semangat for the 1st 15km of the run.After that semput, i started to walk as i was experiencing cramps at my calves. Otot2 ku terkejut kot sebab tak penah train this far, bulan puasa some more.ish ish.

Got home real late and my family and friends tot i was gone missing.LOL.lawak la korang ni. Sorry la!. I forgot to bring my hp and it was my mistake for not informing anyone about this 20km instead of the 8km usual runs *grins*. And because of this, i am BANNED from joining night training anymore. *sobs sobs*.

Overall, everyone had fun. Thanks to my juniors from my former college for the invitation. I admire the enthusiasm you all have. I am very proud. Keep the running spirit going.

To SA@KR, thanks so much for the support and advice. Being able to run side by side is such a big motivation for me (Sorry la eh kalau my pace sgt slow macam siput for you).Hope to be just as good.

I will never stop running, even i have to run in my heels.I mean,literally.Haha


din on August 22, 2010 at 4:51 PM said...

gooood... u got group ke fira.. it must be fun running in group .. where is good place for night run?..can i join? he he

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Anonymous said...

Intrigued by the title of your blog, I landed upon this page - and discovered a blog with lots of enthusiasm. Nope! I'm not a great runner... rather I find it difficult to accelerate. But I love your blog and hopefully, I'll find some sort of inspiration to break my inertia of running.


fira tirona said...

hye din.thanks for reading my post.anywhere safe to run would be fun.just make sure the place is not gelap la..nanti lain plak jadinya :)

fira tirona said...

hye not a great runner myself.i guess practice makes perfect? :) start running! have fun..of course not in florsheim shoes ;)

kaki LARI on August 24, 2010 at 12:01 AM said...

haha..nice story.. ;)
THE best ever..
*jgn lintas*jgn lintas!

thanks for joining Us..
we are beginner also..
slow pace? okeylah for training pace.. ;)

keep on running!

fira tirona said...

KL: the "jgn lintas" incident will always be remembered.haha THE best ever. and yes i will keep on running, dats for sure :)

*do, think, feel*

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