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Run Fira Run!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:21 PM
I've been running for almost a year now. Been participating in events here and there. My fairygodsister is calling my Forrest Gump while some of my friends are impressed with what i'm doing right now. Some will go like "omg! aku nak lari 1km pun boleh semput" haha. Well, i myself pun tak boleh lari as well as now. Even now pun i still have this withdrawal symptom where i can be SO MALAS to go out for my runs every alternate mornings/evenings. I've experienced bruised ankle, strained hamstring and the muscles on my thighs. But then again, it never (so far) have stopped me from running. Family and friends have asked me what motivates me to run? Well, i definitely have my own reason/s on why i started running like seriously till today. Some even asked me if there is SOMEONE who motivates me to run...Haha..Of course la ada..But generally, I'm doing this for myself, for my health and for me to de-stress myself. The people/things that motivates me are secondary. These factors push me to be a better runner.

I've run in various races. The latest event was McD Olympic Day run. It was a 7.7km route. The route that i normally run during the weekends with my running mates but that event made me disappointed about myself. I strained my hamstring 2 days before the race due to "hardcore" training. My mistake la..Shouldn't have. Anyway, i managed to complete the race. got the finishers medal (52nd place). Heheh.Ok i guess?.

Next event would be the Nike Kl City Run. I registered for 5km instead of 10km. Tot of just challenging myself on how fast i could run for 5km. Kinda nervous. My left thigh still hurts tho. Hope that it will recover soon. Excited bout this run tho. :). A week after this event will be the Mizuno wave run (11km) at uni. I've got to study the route before the event. Just to get myself familiarize with it.. Takde la kalut macam anak ayam berlari kan.ahaha

Sweetest moment for me was during a charity run organized by Stamford College. Altho only 300++ participants. But i managed to be in the Top 10. And being the only Malay babe in the Top 10, i felt so good bout myself!. Never tot that i could be in the top 10. The route was hilly. Weather was HOT and there were so many cars on the road. If this event did not clashed with Newton's 12km and 25km challenge..jangan harap la i will get into the top 10 kot? ahaha.. takpe2, my rezeki for that event. Better still, the achievement got me more motivated :)

Bib number 170 is number 10. ;)

More running events to come. Planning to register myself for 21km run next. The furthest i have ran in a race was during SHAPE/ MEN'S HEALTH 2010 which was 12KM++. Oh, oh, my custome made Adidas running shoe will be ready this ThurdaY!. Can't wait.

Who says that i only love high heels and ballerina flats?. Haha.


budleee on October 19, 2010 at 6:20 PM said...


u know..

u should change your blog title or at least add something to it

since u run so much.. a shoe lover little space, for her to run...

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