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What a date!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:54 AM

What a "date" i had last night!

(bukan date sebenar)

My friend, Iriz msn-ed me yesterday noon to ajak watch "Date Night". I was contemplating at first coz i thought that movie confirm macam "ala...biasa jer cerita dia". Since he said it was funny so i decided to just go la since i really need a dose of laughter as i was seated infront of my lappie the whole day thru. Then i tanya dia ..." sape lagi pegi?" He said " your bro, heikal and his gf dania". Ha ok la tu. Combo yang seronok.Plus, i haven't seen this guy for quite why not la kan.*mamat ni (iriz) artis tau, guitarist band
*promote2..matila aku kalau mamat ni baca blog aku..ahahha*

Anyway, i'm kinda bad at reviewing movies. Bukan bad ape la..just that i'm not good at putting it in words.If you would to asked me verbally, i will definitely pandai story it back to u. Complete with facial expressions and gestures.LOL :p. But pendek kata, the movie was good. Story line..well simple but fun. I didn't expect this movie would made me laugh like nobody's business coz it was SUPER hilarious. Trust me on this one. U GOTTA WATCH IT!

Here's the trailer!


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