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Kawan or lawan?

Posted by Fira Tirona at 7:59 PM

To me

A friend in need is a friend indeed

In other words that person will be with you through your roughest times and not only your happy times. And he/she should also be there to hear your problems, be very encouraging and the list of good things a friend should have.
Ha, yang paling penting, he/she should always kenang budi kawan dia juga. To me, do not ever lupa kawan yang penah banyak tolong you time you tengah susah. Contohnya macam kau tgh gado dengan gf/bf kau ker or kalau dalam kesusahan duit ker or tak faham cam ner nak buat assignment ker takpun kalau kau tgh mengalami identitiy crisis pikir la sendiri !*tetiba mode macam nabil raja lawak tapi tone lebih ganas*


Have you ever taken a minute to think of how many different "types" of friends there are?

Let me list 4 out of the many for all of you to ponder

1. Kawan makan kawan
Oh!, ni yang paling i tak suka. How could you possibly do that to your very close friend? Lain la kalau korang buat macam tu untuk memang cari pasal or make enemy with them. But why wei? why??. Cik fira penah kena. Memang bengang tahap max! Tapi ni time sekola la..Haihh! kecik2 dah pandai eh!. Ishh

2. Sincere friends
Ni paling best. Telus dan straight forward. Tapi kekadang sakit gak as the TRUTH always hurt. But the "hurt" tu kejap jer once you are back to your senses. BEEN THERE!

3. Interest seeking friends

Pendek kata, kawan yang mengambil kesempatan towards you in all situations. Example: taking advantage of what you have or who you are.

4. Best friends
As the term applies, the is the 1st in your friends list. He or she should know you very well that kalau korang nak tipu dia pun memang TAK BOLEH! coz they know...Kalau korang nak tipu pun eventually korang akan mengaku. And them being the most understanding will just patiently hear your explanation.

So, bijak-bijak la memilih kawan. Bukan la nak mengada but at least you know which is "authentic" and which is not. U agree with me?


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