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Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:25 PM

Lets talk about ambitions today.

Remember the time when u were asked to list down your "cita-cita" in a form during school days?.Or how bout when you (and your whole classmates) were assigned to write up an essay on "My ambition" or "Cita-cita saya"?..... Some have written about their dream ambition and have sucessfully fulfilled their dreams of becoming doctors, dentist, engineers, lawyers and the lists goes on..

As for me, I remember listing down the person i wanna be when i grow up. 1st in the list is to be a doctor. Setiap tahun pun the "doctor" word will be 1st the list.Yela, jadi doctor glam ape. $$ pun banyak...and dapat menolong orang.takpun boleh dapat bf/gf doctor yang hensem lagi pandai sbg teman hidup. tkpun dapat the type mcm Dr House yang ala sinis tu. OK, sila bayangkan diri anda dalam cerita House atau Grey's Anatomy. Kalau pandai lebih sket boleh jadi surgeon or jadi specialist in any field in the medicine world..

2nd dream ambition was to be an engineer. Had that thought because my dad is an engineer. Had the thought of running a consultant firm la kan kalau dapat jadi engineer. When i got an offer to do engineering in UIA dulu, my dad asked me to reject it.."Not suitable for girls"...Katanya la...But come to think of it..OK APE girls jadi engineer.Ishh..ape la Papa ni. If not, by now..kita dah bina empayar besar dalam dunia kejuruteraan...OMG..berangan again.

3rd dream ambition....I had the heart to be a lawyer. I thought that i was talkative enough to be one. Tapi orang cakap..kalau talkative tapi berasas and knowledgeable takpe but never..never ever be seorang yang "LOYAR BURUK".Hiksss ;)

So there you go...the 3 dream ambitions i had when i was younger. But i also had other "cita-cita" despite the 3 like konon nak jadi pramugari la (sebab keje glam atas airplane), nak jadi architect la (tapi tak pandai draw pun) nak buat business sendiri la...Haih...banyak hal la..Hahah. Oh well, i still have lots in mind right now even though dah besar panjang boleh kawin and have 4 kids. Argh..tidak..not now!. (ok sorry, lari topic plak,but then again...that is also considered as cita-cita kan?)

But have i achieved any of the above?

Nope, none of the above listed. I had a turning point in my life. That happened when i was not accepted in any of the public U in the country. Not exactly not accepted la..More like i wasn't accepted in the course i wanted to do in any of the the public universities. Feeling depressed at at the moment of time. I suddenly didn't know what i was capable of. But god is great. He gave me the chance to pursue my degree in food service technology in KUTPM (now MSU). So bila orang tanya i amik course ape i tak tau nak jawab macam mana..Hahah..When i tell them bout my couse they will like go " Oh lepas ni pandai masak la eh"...Dalam hati aku will go like "Apehal korang ni"...Hahaha..takpe2.Tak ramai pun tau..Yelah..course tak berapa glam sgt la. But what made me interested in this course was the fact that i had to learn about nutrition. Sangat suka ok! So yeah, i had 3 years of fun at college. The stress during exams, the lepak2, movie and bowling sessions after class...and oh...clubbing nite outs to..Erkk...Clubbing (kantoi disitu). But hey, i still go for my morning Stat class without fail ok! Siap dapat A lagi. Jangan marah k?.Oh how i miss those days.

So what am i now?. Well, i don't earn a fat pay cheque as i opted to pursue my studies (again jadi student, allowance pun mak bapak bagi lagi...thanks ma n pa!. So yeah, i'm still chasing for my dream ambition. Hoping to achieve that dream of mine of becoming a......???

Haaa..u all kena la tunggu kesudahan cerita ni...Insya-Allah this dream of mine will be a success. I just have to kick my ass to finish it off! Heheh :)

Hmmm...i might not be a doctor or dentist or lawyer or engineer..but i'm happy of what i am right now and i hope that one day i could share my knowledge with others and maybe be famous too? (nak jugak jadi femes tu).


Anonymous said...

jadi la lecturer cik fira! macam ayunty su. heheh =P

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