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Me Love Food

Posted by Fira Tirona at 7:10 PM
I admit, i love food! yum yum.And that makes me a foodie. When i was a child I find food fun. I'm always eager to try out new stuff. The color, texture, shape, size and taste fascinates me. For instance, I remembered my mom told me that when i was 5 years old, she said that while i was trying out "tempe", i told her that it tasted like cockroach.Thinking that i didn't like it, she thought that i would just dropped it on the floor or what not. But she was surprised that i kept on eating it along with my rice. Ever since that and being a "anak jawa", tempe have always been one of my fav food. *think sambal tempe and kentang..and oh! oh!, sambal goreng....hmmmmm....droooles*

Next good stuff that i memang akan cari kalau pegi makan nasi campur kat kedai kakak kelantan that i always go every sunday is.. IKAN KELI or gulai ikan pati yo!. OMG, u can say whatever about that fish but it is simply DIVINE!. tho its ugly looking (ikan keli), but the meat is soft and sweet. hmmmm yum!. Ikan patin on the other hand has also a soft and sweet texture. i called it "salmon malaysia".SEDAP ok!. Ikan patin is said to have good properties to healing wounds.

Next: NASI AYAM! *kat uptown sedap. nasi ayam hainan with taugeh*
Next: SUSHI *zanmai the best!*
Next:IPOH HOR FUN KAT KOPITIAM SEC 13. *ha amik, siap promote lagi*
Next: GOOD SANDWICHES like the ones at obriens

ok, blogging about food is making me hungry. Im going to stop here. Basically, i loooove foood and foods that are not well prepared/cooked/seasoned turns me off *snap snap*. Oh well you get the drift.

Tapi yang penting...choose good food, eat well and in moderation savor the best!

p/s: Are you a foodie too?.


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