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2010! Can we be best of friends?

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:28 PM
Its the new year!. And macam biasa, i've listed a few updated resolutions. I don't consider all new but just revised ones. 2009 has been rough for me and i berdoa everyday that this year will be better that i'll catch up with the pace and try to not to fall easily (i hope).Anyhow, my resolutions this year would be:

1) To finish up my thesis. (Long overdue)
2) To have a hot bod like Fergie's. (sambil buat muka serious) *giggles*
3) To have more patience and be a better person
4) To read more so that i could blog in a more creative manner and get paid. 8)
5) To train more so that i could sign up for more marathons
6) To save money every month and not to be so boros. Oh god please help me

Not only that, i would want to help my cousin on her baking biznes so that i could earn extra $$ to spend more.Haha. Haih baru kata nak save money. Hmmphh.

Hope that 2010 would be great year for all of you out there too. So here's a toast to a great life ahead. Cheers!


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