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Wishes and hopes for 2009

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:34 PM
Hello all.Ever wished and hoped for something good the next year?.Ever wished and hoped that you will be able to afford that dream handbag/mp3 player/shoe/camera or whatever the next year?. Terima kasih kerana berfikiran begitu.Anda berada dalam zon yang sama bersama saya..ahaha.

Things i wish and hope to achieve in 2009:
1) Hope to get laptop baru
2) Hope that dad will get me that Nikon D60
3) Sony Mp3 player (must save on that)
4) Segulung ijazah (Insya-Allah. Amin)
5) Kesejahteraan jiwa and kecekalan hati all through the year (Insya-Allah.Amin)
6).....more to come i guess..hehehe

What is wished/hoped/dream this year.banyak tak menjadi. The Al-Mighty is testing me. It's ok. Will work harder for next year.

So what's your wishes and hopes for 2009?. Wishing all of you the best of luck.

P/s:.Pencinta kasut berikrar to not spend unnecessarily but to save more! (s0 that means no more buying shoes?..tsk tsk)


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