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Merry Christmas Ya'll!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:34 AM
To all my family and friends...MERRY CHRISTMAS!. Guess that everyone is busy shopping for christmas gifts as the YES (year end sale) is currently going on. I noticed that year end sales are the best but too bad i'm already BROKE!..What i could do is just 'gigit kuku' looking at the shoes that i was eye-ing for (It's now half the price mind you) and the bags and clothes that are on good bargain (again..sabar2)....and the Ipod Nano i was looking..and the Wii i saw at the game store..and the Nikon D60 as well ....Isshhhh!!!!...(geram mode..ahaha).

Tomorrow i'll be going christmas-ing. Will be visiting my relatives. (My family is 'campur', so i get to have the feeling of Christmas a little). My nenek's family are eurasian (ok2.serani..ahaha). so yeah, that explains it. Thats tomorrow's plan. On friday i'll have to teman my dear to Sunway pyramid to get some stuff for himself. On saturday on the other hand, I've got 2 wedding to attend weekend ahead!

I'll post more later. Got to get back to my research work.

P/s:. No more shoes for pencinta kasut.*for now..hehehe*


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