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Looking forward for 2009

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:36 PM
It's almost the year end.lots have happened to me.from problems faced during studies to personal glad that i could handled all well (tho sometimes tak boleh.tsk tsk). What i look forward to is good 2009. Having already some new resoultions in mind, i seriously hope that it will all be accomplished..hmm..would like to add more new resolutions but i guess that i'll just stick to those that are to get reality-checked at all times.Hehe. But most importantly i got to learn how to deal with stress as i can pretty out of control sometimes when faced with..hmm. things that i can't face?.ahahah

Can't wait for this Friday. My best friend during college is getting married.Congrats Abby!. And of course, can't wait to see him as well in JB. ;)

Had a long day today.woke up real early.went jogging, then to the gym.then to ikano for dinner with a-a and foot massage too.was so rilexing!

Will wrap up for now.Hope that i'll get a good nite's Zzzzssss..Got to wake up early tomorrow!

p/s:.will always be a pencinta kasut dan beg


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