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My best friend's wedding

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:40 PM

Alone again.....sighh....boring!...btw,my weekend was one of a kind.Was in JB.No no...not really was there to meet him...but was there for my dear friend, Abby's big day. Ina attended the wedding as well. Both of us took the bus to JB. Abby was so terkejut that I actually took the bus to come over her place. (Hahahaa..there's a reason to this of course). Bus trip was fun but tiring. Can't stand long rides (leg cramps, butt cramps). And to overcome those psychologically, i chatted with Ina the whole way..Hmmm...

Overall, the wedding went well. Abby looked stunning. The whole hair and make up do made her looked so caannnteekkk!..I Like!. Kudos to the mak andam. She's so good. Got her namecard.Hihihi. Loved the wedding reception. Simple and nice. Photo session was fun..Will upload pics at my flickr. My nite ended with me , Ina and Ita borak2 about cartoons and books we used to watch and read when we were kids and pre teens. So kelakar.especially when Ina started with the Tomato Man cartoon theme song..LOL.

Last day in JB. My dearest brought Ina and I to Jusco Tebrau to just lepak before we head back to KL. Decided to watched Madagascar II to kill the time. Ina and I bought a pair of shoe each from Primavera. Best buy! I got mine for RM39 (NP: RM109)..What a steal!. Was contemplating at first.but those shoes was screaming my name!...

Boarded the bus at 5.30pm. Had fun at the wedding and happy with the new pair of shoes. Sigh. my dear friend is now someone's wife. Will always pray for her happiness.

p/s: Told ya i'm a pencinta kasut =p


Thani Mardiana on December 2, 2008 at 6:15 PM said...

Hye cIk pengapit...? hehehe!!!

abby said...

FIRAAA! i juz read ur blog! wedding aku pon ko citew kat blog yee ! terharunyeeee ! anyway miss yer! bila dpt hang out ngn koooo *sigh* asik bz jeeeee ko ni

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