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To complete and not to compete

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:43 PM
I always tell myself this a night before a 10km race "To complete and not to compete, and most importantly is to enjoy each and every step to the finish line and end the race with pride". Kata-kata semangat la kan as I'm still not capable to compete. Definitely not coz there are many runners yang hebat2 out there. I happen to know one of them. And yes, these people are really fast ok!.

Yesterday was my 1st 10km race after a whole month of fasting and a whole week of enjoying glorious yummylicious rich, fat and cholesterol laden raya food and drink. I was in a nervous wreck ok yesterday. My running mate a.k.a "darjah 1" said that my nervous state was clearly expressed from my face. Oh yes, i was NERVOUS. Thank god i made the effort to go for training during the Ramadhan after buka puasa. If not, i don' t think i could make it thru the 10k race yesterday.

Overall, the race went well but the weather that morning was really hot.The race started around 8.20am. Roads were already flooded with cars and lorries. I studied the route 2 days before so that i could imagine where am i suppose to run and where to expect hilly roads..etc. But i was kinda upset as i actually had to stop running and do the brisk walk for like 2-3 times, to get catch my breath for like 3-4 seconds. I also experienced an uncomfortable sensation ony my right rib cage. It was as if as my muscle was pulled. I was in pain but i still kept on running just like Forrest Gump. hahah. At the moment, i vouched myself to go for more trainings on hilly places to build up on my strenght and endurance.

I was not expecting for any top 10 medals or so. I was just planning to complete the race. But i was thrilled i managed to get into the top 10. Ngam2 10th placing ok. Hahah. It was a good experience and being able to finish the race with a placing really made me feel motivated to perform better in my future runs. Insya-Allah.

So yea, i not only complete yesterday's race but i "accidentally" challenged myself to also compete it in too :). This race was my personal best so far.

To D1, i dedicate this post to you. Congratulations on your placing as well :)


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