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The Hari Raya Baju Kurung and The Matching Shoe

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:36 AM
Told my mom earlier this year, lets go green for Hari Raya and she agreed with me. Went to Jalan TAR and got the fabrics we liked and went straight over to our tailor to get it done. Mind you, this was done in Feb and our Hari Raya outfits was ready in June. My mom loves to get our hari raya outfits done as early possible so that her favourite tailor could sew our baju nice2 one.hahah

My baju kurung color is apple green with white polka dots on it. To go with it a matching green pumps i bought from Tangs which i got for 70% off the actual price. I love spending when the sale is on coz u will SAVE a lot ok?

Baju kurung checked, matching tudung and shoes checked and matching handbag checked. But then again, wouldn't be excited that much as my parents and my bro will be celebrating Eid in Liverpool. So no salam mohon maaf di pagi raya, no going for eid prayers together with them. Looks like i've just got to do it on skype! I mean, the salam mohon maaf part only la..LOL

Missing them terribly already. Nonetheless, I'm glad that i have my loving grandparents, my fairygodsister and her 4 kids and my other relatives to cheer me up. Not forgetting my closest friends as well. U know who you are :)

To mama, papa and adik. Kakak rindu u all semua. Hugs and kisses


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