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The long weekend is here

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:42 AM
It's saturday already.

Celebrated adik's and parent's wedding anniversary few days back.We had a nice family dinner at KLCC.Nothing fancy though. Was supposed to shop for nice tops but nothing that i liked. So disappointed!. but i saw nice shoes on sale.arghh!!!... but tak beli coz i bought a few pairs last month.bad fira!

Yesterday was Friday. Didn't do much. Was at home printing journals and reading a few. Rained heavily in the evening and that made napped. Hehehe. Had early dinner with the family then headed to my nenek's house. Slept there.

Oh well. I'm still here at nenek's house. Wanted to go jogging earlier this morning but i woke up with aching joints and runny nose. Ala!..spoil la...tkpela.i'll rest kejap. Maybe i''ll head to the gym later this afternoon. time flies.its almost near end. I'm done with 2 presentations for my research project. Next week will be another. After that i hope to start collecting data. Bila nk habis ni?..hmmm..Sabar..sabar.. Hm...i wonder how my friends are doing now?. Some are already married, going to get married, doing thier masters, finishes their masters, have good jobs and getting big fat cheques.How bout me?. I want all that too!!!

I miss school days, matriculation days and college years. Fun FUn!. Endless assignments, exams, quizzes, battle of the bands and music nite that friends and i organized during college. Not to mention few crushes here and there (hmm..time skola pun dh start kot.ahaha). Tho i have my ups and downs during these periods.i still had fun. Oh jimi, if u are reading this. i miss our jamming session dulu! Seronok.. :)

So i'll guess that is it for now. Selamat hari raya haji to all muslims out there and happy long weekends to the rest!

p/s: Pencinta kasut was thinking to get a pair of crocs soon :)


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