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Nausea attack

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:59 AM
What happened to me was last night was kinda dramatic. After 1 year plus of running/training i had a nausea attack after running 14km with the other team mates of AnR Shah Alam. The first 7km was great. I ran at my own pace since the pain at the quads was still there. Kena tinggal jauh la juga with the others yang hebat2 tu. But luckily there was Hafiz to accompany me. Dah la lari malam kan. So macam seriau la gak kan. So yea, the first 7km went fine for a "siput injured" like me. LOL

Final 7km didn't go well for me. After running about 2km, i was experiencing muscle cramps atvthe abdomens then it hit the calves. Funny thing that my injured quads was feeling not too bad. At that moment I was feeling nauseous. Still standing strong, i continued running/ walking till i reached at the nearest petrol station nearby. Thank god that Amin (our escort) was there and i told him that i could not run further. So i naik la motor budak si Amin ni. Haha. Kelakar. Dah la first time naik motor. Macam best la plak kan.  I asked him to drop me 500m away from the roundabout near the stadium so that i could just walk back to Extreme Park (the point of where we started)

OK, here comes the dramatic part. I was feeling disappointed at that moment. I was thinking a lot that spur moment. Why am i running this far? Why am i TORTURING myself to this extreme although I'm still injured? and why the hell did i registered for Half M marathon? why this and why that. I just felt down looking at how others run so fast.  But by the end of the run i realized its impossible to be running with 3/4km per minute pace like others but it is possible to run with my own pace. I went home early. Rasa cramps all over. Rasa pening. Rasa Oren (menda la aku mengarut ni) and rasa macam2. I felt weird. Driving home felt like an ordeal for me. I pulled over at the nearest petrol station as the nausea became worse (guess what happened la kalau dah loya semacam kan?). Tak penah la i rasa macam ni. I have trained as far as 22km but nothing of this happened. I guess that i was properly nourished yesterday.

Today i got up feeling fine. Alhamdulillah. Didn't sleep well tho last night. Gonna start nourishing myself with good carbs and sufficient proteins and as well as to motivate myself to just have fun during the race and just run at my best. As i normally motivate myself. My Race, My Pace, My Ace. Hoh, better indoctrinate that in my head till the real deal is O.V.E.R

Wish me luck ;)

p/s: walau ape terjadi semalam, team mates saya memang terbaik. i love my AnR Shah Alam Team


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